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Most artists (and people in general) don’t think of themselves as a particularly good marketer. But the truth is, most of us just need a bit of encouragement to freely talk about ourselves in a way that sells who are what we can do. This applies to solo entrepreneurs, individual artists and arts organizations. One of my favorite ways to continue developing my skills and become more comfortable with this sometimes complex world is through listening to podcasts.

Not only do these podcasts, many of which were initially started by solo entrepreneurs, help me feel more comfortable, they also allow me to keep an eye on current trends. Social media and marketing, in general, are always in flux from both the consumers and companies themselves. Because I’m often pulled in many different directions, podcasts are a great way to absorb this information while I’m working out at the gym, during long road trips, or doing household chores.

Below are 5 of my current favorites and why! While none of these are directly related to The Arts, I find knowing these broader trends helpful when connecting with everyday people through my marketing endeavors.

The Science of Social Media

Presented by Buffer, The Science of Social Media generally offers short, topic-oriented conversations related to social media. I find them easily digestible and understandable. It’s a great podcast for people who don’t have a lot of time to listen to longer podcasts while also gaining significant insight.

Higher Ed Live

I started listening to this podcast in September 2018 and am consistently impressed by the insights it gives into the world of higher education. Rich in data and contemporary examples, it’s a fantastic podcast series for anyone working in the higher education space to gain a broader perspective on current trends.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Hosted by the incomparable Amy Porterfield, this podcast is great for the musician entrepreneur looking for a “you can do it” attitude and step by step instructions for achieving a goal. Weekly shows usually include guest interviews in a wonderfully organized format.

Perpetual Traffic

Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman host this fantastic podcast from Digital Marketer. Real, raw and conversational, this topic-oriented show delves into the nuts and bolts of social media and digital marketing in general. Its medium-length format is easily digestible on your drive to work or while working out in the gym.

Social Media Marketing from Social Media Examiner

Michael Stelzner is a true thought leader in social media marketing, and if you want to know about the latest trends, this one is a must listen. Each show is about an hour long, starting with a “Discovery of the Week” leading into an in-depth interview with an expert. One of the few I listen to the day it comes out!

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