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UXD Week 5 Journal

One of my favorite things to do is analyze designs to enhance my own work as a designer. What makes it good? What makes something bad? This week's discussion regarding positive and negative examples had me racking my brain for examples I commonly encountered. I realized, that if it's a bad design, I avoid going there and often don't find it memorable. However, good design is, for me, very memorable and I enjoy consuming it when it's available.

It was also interesting to me that, as I put reasoning behind my examples, it was much easier to clearly describe what made something good. I found it much more difficult to describe what made something bad. My initial reactions were visceral and it felt like I just knew. I didn't typically delve much deeper than that. This has caused me to think that it might be a good idea to more frequently delve deeper into why a design is poor as I continue to develop my design skills.

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