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UXD Week 7 Journal

I can't believe we've come to the end of this first seven week course! Overall, I've really enjoyed what's been covered in this class so far from how the eyes work to design thinking as well as the basics of good design. Throughout this course, I've been amazed by how much I had picked up in nearly 6 years of professional marketing and design. It was useful for that knowledge to be reinforced. What I didn't know, in particular about how the eyes really work, will definitely stick with me as I move forward.

As someone who does a fair bit of design work in connection with my job, I enjoyed this weeks content. It allowed to be think outside of the Brand that I usually need to work within. From color and typography to the design aesthetics, it was one of my favorite weeks of work. I had the the chance to explore more of own, personal design choices.

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