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UXD Week 2 Journal

We covered a lot of content this week and I found myself feeling acquainted with much of the material, at least on a very basic level. Since starting my role in marketing and communications several years ago, I've done a significant amount of design work and consulted on a number of website facelifts. The design principles in the book "Designing with the Mind in Mind" were shockingly familiar due to my work. However, I didn't necessarily call them by their formal names. It's always helpful to receive a refresher!

Something that I gained a much deeper understanding of was how the eyes and vision work. It's never been something I've studied in the past, and it was fascinating to discover the structure of the eye more in-depth, along with how much of the world we see as a result of our brain "filling in the gaps." It was also interesting to read Norman's perspectives on the gulfs that exists between execution and evaluation. It really caused me to stop and think about what has been frustrating because a designer didn’t attempt to bridge those gulfs, or, if they did, didn’t do it sufficiently.  

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